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Long Dong Bay

Treasures of Long Dong Bay


Long Dong Bay is located on the northeast coast of Taiwan just an hour's drive from the hustle of Taipei City.  As you drive past the mountainous center region, it feels like you are passing through the gates into Taiwan's nature.


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Taiwan's east coast nurtures extraordinary creatures you would never have thought existed, some of which can only be found in these waters. Long Dong Bay with its terrific macro diving is excellent for photo opportunities.  You can see flying gurnards, whose fins resemble wings, several species of colorful scorpion fish, mysterious black and yellow cuttlefish that use their tentacles as legs for walking (very special!), a slew of different varieties of nudibranchs, colonies of squid, the well-liked clown fish, cute little shrimp, color changing octopus, spiky sea urchins, porcelain crabs, coral colonies and more fascinating sea life waiting for you to discover.

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This area is an excellent example of what Taiwan's diving community offers.  There are many dive shops that are conveniently located to all of the local dive sites.  They have lots of tanks, and dive equipment readily available with affordable accommodation.  Get geared up, walk across the street and just jump in.  It's that easy to go diving at Long Dong Bay!

At the southern side of the bay is the most popular dive site.  It has an easy entry and exit point with a ladder.  This area has a maximum depth of anywhere between 10 meters to 30 meters, suitable for divers of all skill levels.

Underwater BCD InflationUnderwater NavigationLong Dong Bay provides ideal conditions for beginners taking the Open Water Dive Course and the Advanced Open Water Course.  

This is where people from the northern half of Taiwan get their diving experience.  The water temperature gets as warm as 25-30 degrees Celsius during the summer months, making it extremely comfortable for all.  The dive sites are protected inside the bay from outside current making it a little to no current dive location.  It also has shallow sandy bottom areas with plenty of coral and fish to look at while practicing the Open Water Dive Course skills.

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Divers also have the option to stay overnight and enjoy the peaceful yet stormy conditions of the east coast while getting as much diving in as possible.  So...

Join one of our dive tours, fun dives or dive courses today to Experience Taiwan’s Underwater Treasures!


Fun Dives

*$85USD / NT$2,200 (Includes 2 dives and equipment)

PADI Open Water Diver Course

*$450USD / NT$13,000 (Includes 2 pool dives, 4 ocean dives, diving equipment, PADI manual, PADI DVD, log book and PADI certification card)

PADI Advanced Dive Course


*USD rates change, however the NT (New Taiwanese Dollar) is always the correct price.


*$400USD / NT$11,000 (Includes underwater light, 5 specialty dives, PADI Advanced certification card)

*$10USD / NT$300 (Max 6 people per van, 2 vans)



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