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  22Above Below Tours started making travel videos only when our friends and family started asking for help to make videos for their own personal needs.  That’s when we decided to offer this service to you.  Customized videos helps us earn the money we need to make more diving, skiing, snowboarding and travel videos, plus continue improving our website. 



                    Luxy Nightclub                            Halloween Massive 2010


We edit “Customized videos” for your own personal needs such as a family outing or for your business.  Currently, we have made customized videos for weddings, restaurants, hotels, models, parties, nightclubs, festivals, English Schools, Ski Schools, Dive shops, family outings and for our tour groups. We provide Chinese and Japanese subtitles, so that your video has 3 different language options. If you join a tour, we also offer a personalized DVD video of your tour that you can share with your friends and family.   


              Hotel Windsor                            Sands Hotel

We upload your video onto Youtube where people have the opportunity to view your video. At the same time, we will also post it onto our “Customized Videos” webpage and our “Locations” page where we will write a blog dedicated to your business.  We will write the blog in English, Chinese and Japanese. Plus, we give you a copy of the video so that you may post it on your own website, Facebook, blog or make more DVD’s to share with others.  This gives your “Customized Video” several ways to be noticed.


     Forest of Wisdom Part 1          Forest of Wisdom Part 2


Currently, we are based in Taiwan, so it is easy for us to make customized videos within Taiwan, however, if you are a business in any country that one of our tour group visits, we hope to make a customized video for you.  Just as an example, if our tour group visits Fiji, we can make customized videos for the hotel we stay at, the restaurants we eat at, the scuba dive shop we dive with and any other tour company we collaborate with. 



 If you are located in another country, we can still help you with your editing needs.  Just send us your video files online and we can edit your video in a way that is more professional and presentable.  So, basically, we can make any type of video you can think of for anybody in the world.

                                            Myoko Snowsports School

It’s simple, just click on “I am interested!” from the “Videos” heading button where you’ll be guided to the contact us page and give us your contact details. We will find a time that is appropriate to discuss ideas of what kind of style you want your video to be made and the date you want your ”Customized Video” to filmed.





Above Below Tours offers customized videos for those who want something different!

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