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He Huan Mountain

Snowboarding in Taiwan

He Huan Mountain is the highest mountain accessible by road. It is rare to have snow up there. They used to have a ski resort many years ago but due to the inconsistent snowfall it was removed. We are lucky this year. There will be snow this weekend.

Anyone want to go up and have a snowball fight?

You can also try our snow skateboard and perhaps our snowboards!



* Make sure to wear warm clothing for 2-5 degree temperatures.

* Boots good for hiking in the snow

* Gloves

* Beanie (hat)

* Optional - Scarf, ear muffs, sunglasses, snacks


The bus departs from Fong Yuan Ke Yuan bus company in Taipei at 06:00 to Fong Yuan town. So we will meet at at 05:30. This bus costs $270NT.

There we will transfer onto a smaller shuttle that will take you right up to the top. This shuttle departs at 08:50. This bus costs $515NT.

They only have one service up and one service down a day. After we get up there, we'll just leave when we get bored. We will have to hitchhike back down to Fong Yuan when we're done and make our way up to Taipei.


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