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Beautiful Boracay



Boracay has something for everybody.  Both Filipinos and international guests flock here because of its alluring nature. It has an ideal vacation setting with the atmosphere that you dream about. The main beach stretches around 4km long, perfect for long romantic strolls during the exquisite sunsets. Go on sailboat trip, snorkel or scuba dive the nearby islands. The food is fantastic and the nightlife is even better. There’s a vast array of activities for everyone to enjoy. That is why Boracay is recommended as a one of our VIP Tour Packages.


5-star Mediterranean Style Luxury Hotel


You will stay at the luxurious beachfront Sands Hotel, located at Station 3. This is a 5-star hotel recently built with comfort in mind. There's a swimming pool built into the courtyard you can use at your leisure. They have a balcony with a terrific view of the ocean where you can also enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Boracay with your friends. They also include a gourmet buffet breakfast. Just watch the video and see for yourself.

Red Pirates, Boracay, PhilippinesRed Pirates, Boracay, PhilippinesRed Pirates, Boracay, Philippines

One of the most popular activities is to the sailboat trip. We will spend a day on a sailboat to do some island hopping or a trip to the white sands of Puka Beach, weather depending. Many of the boats are strictly wind powered giving this trip its unique character. You must put all your belongings into the boat while you sit on the rope mesh. Be careful of your belongings as the boat dips down with the waves, expect to get a little wet. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Scuba Diving Boracay, PhilippinesThe next most popular thing to do is scuba diving. Boracay is a perfect place to learn. The combination of sandy bottom and calm waters makes you feel like you're in a giant aquarium. For your fun dives, there are many locations within a short boat ride away. Crocodile and Laurel Island are the best sites with fairly easy access. Otherwise, you can go a little further on by boat to Busuanga. There is sometimes a slight current at this site and is recommended for Advanced Open Water Divers. If you're not qualified, enjoy the fish from the surface snorkeling. There's still plenty to see. Not to mention, the water temperature is always comfortable. The peak period is between November to April during the dry season.

 Ilig Iligan, Boracay, PhilippinesATV Boracay, PhilippinesBoracay, Philippines

You can go on an off-roading excursion on an ATV for the afternoon touring around the island. You can visit Puka Beach, Ilig Iligan Beach and go to the highest peak for a fantastic view of the entire island.

Once the sun sets, the fun doesn’t end there. It is where the fun begins. Get together with your some newfound friends and have a beachside dinner at one of the many mouth-watering hotel buffets to choose from. There are so many fantastic restaurants it’s difficult to choose. Many of which have tables right on the beach where you can enjoy the view and feel the ocean breeze while chatting with your company. After that you can check out one or several of the nightclubs. The party doesn’t stop until 4:00am.

Giligan's Party Boracay, PhilippinesSailing Boracay, PhilippinesGiligan's Party Boracay, Philippines









 Take a trip and see why they call Boracay the top tourist destination in the Philippines.


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Beautiful Boracay, Philippines

With a combination of natural beauty, exciting activities, fantastic nightlife and terrific weather, it's no wonder why Boracay is the top tourist destination in all of the Philippines.

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Boracay Sands Hotel

Kick back and enjoy the terrific hospitality at this 5-star hotel. It has a beach front view that's perfect for Boracay's amazing sunsets. A scuba shop for you to explore the tropical waters. And a swimming pool located inside the hotel courtyard for you to enjoy while you order a drink from the bar and relax the day away.


A down payment of $100.00USD to confirm your booking is needed. Please contact us to see when the best available tour starting date fits your schedule.This tour starts as low as $675.00USD which includes, the deluxe hotel room, transport from the wharf on Boracay Island, buffet breakfast, and a sailing trip. Please email, call, fax or skype for more information. (International airfare is NOT included)


Any activities NOT mentioned in the fees box must be paid by guest. We can give group rates for groups of 8. You can email us at for more information on group rates and tell us your schedule!

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